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cancelled plans...

well turns out my weekend is ruined. I don't have anything to do. Tomorrow I think that i'm just going to be by myself. Saturday night Cindy is babysitting with christi and peyton has to go to this birthday party. That was supposed to be the night we were going to see "Man of the House". I guess Cindy got lucky. But if she didn't want to go I think that me and peyton would have been alright going by ourselves. But whatever...

These last 2-3 days have been cool. Let's see...tuesday night I don't think i did anything important but i think i had a good time. Oh yeah, we didn't have any homework. come to think of it. This whole week has been good. Monday was a half-day in which I wasted by going to hang out with adam callman? It wasn't much fun. But it was just good because we didn't have alot of school. Tuesday was taks and like I said we didn't have homework and the whole day was basically a blow off day. Wednesday we didn't do much either. Math we just kinda sat around doing...something, I don't remember what but it was easy. No work required. Spanish we just talked about a work packet thing. English, watched a movie. It was all easy. Today we worked on a poster in spanish. Had a worksheet in algerbra II but we got to work in groups so it wasn't that bad. Continued to watch the same movie in english and did a lab in chemisty. tomorrow we keep working on the poster for spanish, watch the movie in english, lab in chemisty. it's going to be an easy day. But it sucks because I don't know what I'm going to do after school. i think I might end up by myself, which would suck. i guess all I would really do is sit on my laptop watch a movie or play halo. whatever I want to do...

Also, michelle is my other cbf. Because I can tell her anything...after some arguing and fighting. it's weird but it all works out in the end. She's not getting on aim all this week so i really won't be able to talk to her at all. I think i might call her or she might call me. One or the other.

And cindy is my "ultimo" cbf. She is the coolest person in the world. Even cooler than an 80 year old sky diving...yes, an 80 year old sky diving.

man i gotta get to bed. I'm really tired. I've had 3 cokes...I was on a high for a little bit but then I just got drained of all my energy. But that's caffine for you. It sounds like it's stupid and not true but it is......it's crazzzzzy!

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