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what's up gang. Well today wasn't very interesting, except for the fact that today was my mom's birthday!!! Did you guys know that I share a birthday with Cindy's mom. Haha, it kinda sounds like a "your mom" joke.
"It's my birthday today"
"It's your mom's birthday today"
Something like that. Anyway, the night was kinda boring. I thought we were going to go out to eat or something or open presents or something like that but there was nothing. In a way it's kinda sad. It makes me sad thinking about it. Ya know, I didn't do anything for my "Sweet Sixteen" I was going to but it never fell into place? I'm going to do it soon, but I don't think i'll call it my birthday, because it's about 6 months off. When is my birthday? Who knows? Moving on...

So last night we apparently had homework in mrs. lioy's class? The ONLY person in our class that did it and even knew about it was lauren johnson. Why does she have to be so...perfect I guess. Someone told me today that they couldn't take any more of lauren johnson. I don't rememer who though.

Tomorrow is Smallville! And it's going to be a good one because lois lane's sister is going to be on it and she's super hott. Can I say that? I'm pretty sure but I don't know...

So what's with Michelle saying "Hey, I'll call you later today" and 3 days later and I call her and no one answers. Am I supposed to be getting something. I mean, i thought we was friends. I don't know, maybe she's just been busy this week...

Also, bad news for me. In BOTH of my Dual Credit classes my profesors have decided not to help us out with what's on the test. I'm not sure if they do in like real college, but now it's going to be alot harder. It's due to all the disrespect that we have for the teachers? Weird eh? It's mostly Ally Clardy and "Missa" Hilz. It sucks.

Well I gotta go, I'll see you guys later. But I won't be there til' lunch? I have an 'ortho' appointment. Cya.

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