Justin (freddymouse88) wrote,

Sitting Down to update...

I got a new car. It's an Eagle Vison. It's alright, better than the geo. Although i was looking forward to driving the geo for some reason. i don't know, I guess I just liked it or something. This new cars cool though. Not really cool as in BMW but cool as in something to drive. Tomorrow I'm gonna get my hair cut. I'm not to sure on how short yet but I'm gonna go not long. Even though I was looking in the mirror today and really liking my long hair but it gets annoying. I don't know...

today was cindy's last day of work at the Bartonville Store. It's pretty cool but where am I going to get all of my free soda?!?! it's craziness. But now she has a chance to make lots of money which is really cool. I gotta start looking for a job. I get my freakin' license in 3 days. THAT'S AWESOME!! I'm so excited. My parents are putting me on a restriction for 2 weeks. The only places I can drive are to and from school and probably to friends house. That's not really like them but what can ya do? It's only for 2 weeks though, then I can go where ever I want to go. It's gonna be cool. I'm so excited. Finally I can drive. It's sweet.

I'm watching CSI right now. I don't really know what's going on because I only look up every once n' a while. Some bomb when off in a building and they're trying to put it back together. And also that nick guy did something with this girl that is a suspect or something. Don't really know what's going on there.

Well as much as I love typing livejournals I gotta go. cya.

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