Justin (freddymouse88) wrote,


I finally get my license. Tomorrow. It's gonna be great. I've waited 8 extra months. I have a 2 week...i can't think of the word. Umm...probation? I can't really drive anywhere I want to for 2 weeks. Then I'm free as a bird. Speaking of birds...

Yesterday Cindy and I were watching AFV and this little kid was playing with his mouse outside and set him on top of his cage and like, 1 second after that this huge hawk comes and picks it up and flys away. It was soooooo funny. I don't know if cindy thought it was as funny as I did, but it was hilarious.

I can't wait for tomorrow, and that's why i'm getting off of here now. I'll update more later.

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hahahahha that afv story was hilarious