Justin (freddymouse88) wrote,


Well I'm on another high. That makes 2 this weekend. One tonight and one last night. Thanks to 2 of my best friends. I'm really glad that something good came out of this weekend. Friday was a pretty bad day. I said some things that shouldn't have been said. Things that weren't meant. Ugh, it was a bad friday night and saturday morning. Last night and tonight there were some downs but then I was lifted pretty high up there. It was just what I needed. This weekend was probably the most depressing while still one of the better weekends I've had. Bad things happened and good things happened. You know the bad thing, so here's for the good things. I got baptized on Sunday. It wasn't planned or anything. The church just decided to do it that way. Strangely enough it was the day that I had decided to go alone. I owed God (lol, thanks Cindy) something. So that was cool. Tonight I have to stay up pretty late because I decided to make something at the last minute. That and I have a paper to start writing. This thing I decided to make will take until 1 :40 so i've got some time to burn. I guess I'll just sit here and do some stuff while still researching. I'd call some people but it's late. I'm ready for things to turn around for me. This has been 2 months where bad things have been happening. May, sounds like a good place to start. Wow, well I think i'm gonna go for now. I got some researching to do.

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