Justin (freddymouse88) wrote,

Can anybody help me out...

So I've really wanted to do some hanging out lately. Cindy doesn't really want to, yasmin is with sean alot, jessica is working on her scrapbook, Peyton has also been working on her scrapbook and works alot but I haven't talked to her about it much, my guys friends are grounded because they got caught drinking, except for adam who is currently moving. Great life right. So I just get to sit at home with nothing to do. I try and read but I'm just not to the point where it's all that I want to yet. Maybe later. I need a job. I talked to the manager at Golden Corral and he said come back in 2 weeks. So I think I might be in. Hopefully. I need me some money. And also, my life is sucking right now, but at least I'm still living.

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