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Love or Lust?

The percussion concert was tonight. I was kind of worried about it, but it turned out good. I called cindy and soooort of asked her to go, it was more like me asking if she was going. I wanted her to, but I don't know if she made it or not. It was pretty good. Actually, most of the pieces went a little bad. no one song was perfect. The ones that I didn't play in sounded good, but that's going to be the case because I know if I mess up or not. So the other ones might have gone bad but I couldn't tell. it all sounded good. I guess if i get bored enough i'll watch the tape but right now i'm having interesting conversation with someone right now. But after the concert we had to take everything back. OMG, that was a killer. The risers especially. that's why i'm so tired right now. They're not heavy at first but after you get about half way, man, it's a beast.

I haven't hang out with someone in a long time. I mean, things should get better soon. Michelle is coming up, jessica is done with her scrapbook, i might be able to get yasmin away from sean, and i might be able to start hanging out with cindy again, i miss hanging out with her, alot. it's been a while. But other than that things seen to be pretty good. My grades in my last 2 periods aren't doing to well, the spanish test tomorrow should be a beast. the good news. I'm done with dual-credit. Pretty sure that I got an A in all my classes except for sociology. i'm retaking that one, it should be easier this time. it's unfortunate that I have to take it again though. that's some money right there. double for one class. but i guess that like taking it at a regular college. Alright. Well i'm pretty tired. I'm gonna be on aim for 30 more minutes and then i'm off to bed. talk to you guys later.

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